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Stone Veneer

Transformative Stone Veneer Services

Looking to refresh the exterior of your home with the stunning aesthetic of stone veneer? Kauffman Exterior Improvements offers stone veneer services that will completely transform your home. Stone veneer is a great option for you to brighten up your home and experiment with natural and rustic appearance. Whether you’re seeking to revitalize the exterior of your home, create a cozy ambiance with a stone veneer fireplace, or add character to your interior walls, our team has the expertise to bring your vision to life. We work closely with each client to understand their goals, preferences, and budget, ensuring a personalized approach from concept to completion.

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Expert Stone Veneer Siding Contractors

At Kauffman Exterior Improvements, our team of stone veneer siding contractors will help you every step of the way from design to installation. Our team of Amish stone veneer experts focus on creating a final product that fits your aesthetic needs. That said, our team will always walk you through material and design options that will fit your home best. Additionally, our team is proud to build safe and secure final products that are up to code every time.


With years of experience and an eye for excellence, you know that you can trust Kauffman Exterior Improvements with your stone siding project. Contact us today to learn more about how we could bring your stone siding vision to life!

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Artisan Stonework Tailored to Your Style

Elevate your space with artisan stonework tailored to your unique style. From stunning stone veneer fireplaces to intricate stonework accents, our craftsmen are dedicated to delivering custom solutions that reflect your taste and personality. Our stone veneer fireplaces as well as our other stone veneer services are tailored to your style every time. Stone veneer can be customized by:

Whether you are looking for a stone veneer fireplace or another stonework service, Kauffman Exterior Improvements can guarantee that your final product will be the exact style that you are looking for. Find your tailored style with us today!


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